If you like words, and you like those words to be written for you, I’m your woman. I’m a freelance journalist, currently based in Utrecht, Netherlands, reporting from all corners of Europe, including Brussels, Ireland, Denmark, Romania, and Macedonia. I love to write about everything: from international political analyses to my experiences living as an Australian... Continue Reading →

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“I’m moving to Youtrekt!” I shared with excitement “Youtrekt, Netherlands!”. And so it was, that my Australian drawl butchered the name of my future home of Utrecht, my lazy tongue running the syllables into one, the harsh intonations simplifying it to some kind of Russian Star Trek planet. I even led my Australian family astray... Continue Reading →


FIEKE SNIJDER & SAMANTHA DIXON The Colourful Revolution targeting government buildings  was one of the more unique forms of protests in recent years. IMAGE: Fieke Snijder A legion of political issues have plagued one of Europe’s smallest states for over a decade. Stalemates, scandals, and international rivalries have stagnated the country for two years. But,... Continue Reading →


Cam-girls conjure up grainy images of trampy girls that broadcast from STD-ridden bedrooms exploited by cigar-puffing men, body sales in pixel-form. But cam-studios have been revamped, and they’re becoming one of Romania’s biggest industries. It’s a big, open-armed welcome to the new generation of cam-studios. Arriving at Studio 20’s head office location on one of... Continue Reading →


A smiling Marine Le Pen enters through the double doors into an ocean of French flags, waving tirelessly. Greeting supporters and shaking hands, reminiscent of a celebrity, the ‘France First’ candidate follows the gestures of men in suits to take her place on the stage. Le Pen waits, arms spread wide in the air, an... Continue Reading →


The ultimate Asian-power shakeup could be on the horizon if India can sustain its current economic path. However, this could be more difficult than expected. Samantha Dixon As the dawn sun rises over the slums of Dharavi, a seething slum in the heart of Mumbai, the noiseless maze of lanes that crawl through the carelessly... Continue Reading →

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